When Boy meets Gull

Crystal clear blue sky and blazing yellow sun My boys depart to the beach, for a day filled with fun Poised motionless in the sand, like guards at their post Seagulls prepare for the game they enjoy most Boys at play, build castles on the beach Seagulls taunt them to play, always just out of reach My little men spring to their feet and chase them with glee The gulls sprout wings and fly, then plunge into the sea The children return to their castles in the sand While the gulls soar over, looking for a spot to land This scene plays over and over, all day long My boys laugh joyfully, seagulls sing their sirens song Endless energy, they summon without lull A priceless portrait indeed, when boy meets gull

John P. Zawitoski


copyright 1997 By Nightwing Productions

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