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Night Music

Well hello there!!, Welcome to my page of music reviews. This page isnt about whats "socially popular" or what sometimes is considered "mainstream" its about MUSIC... The music that has had an impact on my life whether it be Rock, Country, Classical. Some of the Music I will touch on hopefully will inspire you to check it out,, One thing is for certain you wont be sorry! Now sit back and enjoy the ride!

The Artists!

Nanci Griffith

Articles about Nanci

I have my brother Greg to thank for introducing me to Nanci Griffith. Her music has touched me in more ways than perhaps any other artist. Nanci Griffith's music is timeless and full of emotion that just about anyone can relate to. I have many of her cd's that I can speak to and each one has a special place in my collection and my heart.

Nightwing's CD tip!!!

Want an awesome Nanci Griffith CD!!!

Don't let the label of Country Gold throw you! Its more easy listening than Country, Found this CD in a cut out bin, and ya know what its awesome and a bargin at 5 dollars It contains some great music that includes: I knew love Listen to the Radio Once in a very Blue Moon Anyone Can be Somebody's Fool A friend of mine in Ottawa found it at her local Walmart and listen if she found it there,, then you can find too! and let me tell ya,, its a keeper!

Other Nanci Griffith Cd's That I Can Recommend

One Fair Summer Evening - LIVE CD AWESOME Storms - contains "You made this love a teardrop" "Storms" "Brave Companion of the Road" "Leaving the Harbor" FLYER - "The Flyer" "Say it isnt So" "Time of Inconvenience" "Going back to Georgia" "This Heart" Late Night Grand Hotel It's Just Another Morning Here, Late Night Grand Hotel, Heaven, The Power Lines, San Diego Serenade Lone Star State of Mind Ford Econoline, Lone Star State of Mind Once in a Very Blue MoonLove is a Hard Waltz, Once in a very blue moon, Spin on a Red Brick Floor Blue Roses from the Blue Moon Gulf Coast Highway, I fought the Law The Dust Bowl Symphony Live album Very good

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